It may seem far-fetched to suggest that the picture of the solar system presented here has any bearing at all on human life. Yet if one thinks about it there are many ways in which a CM-oriented view of existence could enrich the way we think and how we organize society.

Solar Screw X

When we describe Solaris, what are we really talking about?

In essence, a non-hierarchical system in which every part is essential to the balance of the whole, and where this balance is maintained by constant exchange of energy between centre and periphery. Change in one part of this system demands commensurate change in all the other parts. A network of forces, subtly self-adjusting in response to each other. A highly sustainable system.

This is recognizable today. We could well be describing the ecological principles operating in Nature. We could be talking about the ideal principles of democratic government. We could even be outlining the nature of the mind of a well-balanced individual.

In the following pages we will discuss, firstly, some of the implications of Solaris for political thinking, and secondly, for the way we understand the human mind.